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Services ​​​

Doggie Day Care

Your fur babies will enjoy the country air and room to romp and play with old and new friends.  We will be taking a nap in the middle of the day so we don't  totally wear ourselves out.  Then we will be calm and happy to see you at the end of the day.

Dog Boarding

Each doggie guest at Amazing Tails will receive a spotlessly clean sleeping room equipped with a Kuranda cot and blanket, morning and evening meals, plenty of fresh water, lots of playtime and hugs and kisses.  We ask that you bring your pal for a trial day before boarding.

Doggie Playtime

Amazing Tails offers approximately 4 to 5 hours of socializing with other doggie clients.  

There are toys, baby pools and little tykes play slide and climbing apparatus.  

When dogs are outside, they are always supervised by our staff.

Bath & Brush

For those boarding or coming for daycare, we will be offering a bath and brush. For an additional charge we will be glad to do ear cleaning. Please include your desire to take advantage of these services on your reservation or inform us when you check in.​

Prices are as follows:

5 to 10 lbs 

11 to 25 lbs 

26 to 40 lbs 

41lbs to 60 lbs 

61 and above 

Nail trimming 

Ear cleaning 








What our customers are saying

Amazing Tails is a homey comfortable facility and based on our previous experiences, it is beyond comparison to kennels and other home care places

Daisy and Tasha's Parents

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